Skate & Ray Fishing

Skate Fishing in and around the Thames Esturay
We have some of the best seasonal Skate fishing in the area right on our doorstep

10LB SPECIMEN CODDistribution:
Although they can be found in-shore, skate are a deep water fish. This limits shore fishing and gives the boat angler a distinct advantage. Skate are commonly caught from the South East, although many of these fish are actually the much smaller thornback ray, which is often sold by fish-mongers as skate.

Skate & Ray Fishing
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Booked trips include:
Skate & Ray fishing trips usually start from early April to the end of August, and typically are 8 hour events. Morgan M is a fast up-to-date offshore fishing boat we can get out to the best fishing areas whilst most others are still thinking about where to go!

We will be adding a skate gallery very soon, but in the meantime please see the General Gallery here

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