Cod Fishing in Essex

Cod fishing in the Thames Estuary!
We all love a a Cod!!!

21LB SPECIMEN CODCod fishing on Morgan M Charter Boat
Like other members of it's family, the cod has a large single barbule extending from the centre of the lower jaw. Cod have three dorsal fins and two ventral fins for increased manoeuvrability making the Cod a good fighting fish. The dark mottled brown back, fading to a cream underbelly is also very conspicuous on cod of all sizes and sets them apart from the mainly battleship grey pelagic fish.

The Thames Estuary has experienced its best Cod fishing of late, and fish numbers and sizes have increased every year for the last three years, with plenty of double figured cod and occassional 20lb plus fish being taken.

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Cod fishing trips usually start from early October to the middle of April, and typically are 8 hour events. For targeting big cod December and April are best.  Morgan M is a fast up-to-date offshore fishing boat we can get out to the best fishing areas whilst most others are still thinking about where to go!

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